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A new chapter begins!

The Rabbits are moving

We have lived in Slab City full time at this camp for 5 years now, and it's time for us to make the move to our new homestead in the Appalachian Mountains. We've learned so much in Slab City and have created a beautiful and unique camp that we are truly proud of and will miss dearly. This Spring we will be embarking on a 2,500 mile journey across the US to our new home and then we will start fresh on building our own slice of paradise to grow food, be creative and live alongside nature even more than we do currently.

It's sad to leave this all behind but we trust that the new occupant will take care of it well and continue on with building the place and maintaining the mini ecosystem that we built from the sand up. There are still many years of work and care that need to go into this place to fully turn it into what we've always imagined.

The "RabbitSide" brand and all of our social media content will be coming with us and the camp in Slab City, once handed over to it's new owner, will no longer be associated with Rabbitside. The place will be their home and should be respected as such.


Purchase some of our art!

Aside from donating money, you can also help us out by purchasing some of our hand-made macrame that we make here in Slab City. We sell our macrame thtough our Etsy shop at hauntedhobo.com and every purchase gets us that much closer to making our big move!